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We understand that modern life is busy and fitting into a rigid training program can sometimes be challenging to say the least, that’s why we sell our Open Water course as either a all inclusive product or a 3 part modular course. With the modular option you buy each of the 3 parts when you are ready to start it, if you wanted to buy it all in one go then thats no problem just buy the Full Open Water course and we will each session when you are ready to proceed. The 3 sextions are Part 1 – eLearning, Part 2 - Swimming Pool Sessions and Part 3 – Qualifying Dives This way its easier to budget (you pay for each part of the course when you start it) and easier to find a slot in the diary that fits for you. PLEASE REMEMBER YOU WILL NEED ALL 3 PARTS TO BECOME A FULLY QUALIFIED PADI DIVER.
View Course Open Water Diver
PADI Open Water Diver
£ 575.00
View Course Junior Openwater Diver
PADI Junior Openwater Diver
£ 575.00
View Product ADD TO CART 1 Open Water Elearning
PADI 1 Open Water eLearning
£ 180.00
View Course 2 - Padi Open Water Pool Dives
PADI 2 - PADI Open Water Pool Dives
£ 200.00
View Course 3 - Padi Open Water Qualifing Dives
PADI 3 - PADI Open Water Qualifing Dives
£ 200.00